20Y-03-41181 20Y0341181 Silicone Rubber Air Cooling Hose for Komatsu Mobile Crushers BR380JG Excavators PC220LL BR380JG PC200-8 PC220-8
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20Y-03-41181 20Y0341181 Silicone Rubber Air Cooling Hose for Komatsu Mobile Crushers BR380JG Excavators PC220LL BR380JG PC200-8 PC220-8

Product Details :

Product name: Air Hose
Usage: construction machinery, marine, air compressors, industrial machines
Machine brand: Komatsu
Machine model: PC220LL BR380JG PC200-8 PC220-8
Swing motor model: PC220LL BR380JG PC200-8 PC220-8

Payment & Shipping Terms :

Payment: Western Union, PayPal, T/T, etc

Detailed Product Description

Friction Plate for Sumitomo Excavator SH350-3 Swing Motor MFC200

Brief Introduction:

SKU: YNF12966

Part number: 20Y-03-41181 20Y0341181

Material: Silicone Rubber

Machine: crushers, excavators

Machine brand: Komatsu

Models: PC220LL BR380JG PC200-8 PC220-8


If you are not sure this is the one you need when you are looking for the MFC200 swing motor friction plate, feel free to contact us for any details for any excavator parts.

Compatible equipment models: 



EXCAVATORS  PC160   PC180   PC190   PC200   PC200LL   PC210   PC220   PC220LL   PC228   PC228US   PC230NHD   PC240   PC270   PC290   PC308  


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We are a professional construction machinery parts supplier located in Guangzhou China. Our main products are couplings, oil seal kits, solenoid valves, control valves, hydraulic parts, final drive parts, engine parts, etc. 

We have both factory and trading company which enable us more flexible.

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If the quantity of orders is not very big, we could send them to you by express delivery, such as TNT, DHL, UPS, OR EMS, etc.

If an order is big, we will advise you to use Air Shipping or Sea Shipping through your nominated forwarder agent. Our long-term cooperated agent is also available.

What is a silicone tube?

Circulation and coating carriers of liquids, gases and other materials

Silicone tubing is a carrier for the circulation and coating of liquids, gases and other materials. Silicone rubber pipes in the industry can be divided into "extruded pipes" and "special-shaped pipe strips". Widely used in modern industry, defense industry and daily necessities.

The silicone tube is made of silicone rubber raw rubber added to the double-roll rubber mixer or closed kneader, gradually adding silica and other additives, and repeatedly refining it evenly. Conductive silicone rubber for the electronics industry.


1. Transportation: Application in shipbuilding industry.

2, radio, motor: in the telecommunications industry.

3, instruments, instrumentation industry applications.

4. Application in aviation industry.

5. Applicable to home appliances, lighting, medical, beauty salon equipment, etc.


Can be widely used in aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemical, machinery, electrical, medical, oven, food and other industrial sectors of good electrical insulation sealing, liquid conveying materials. Precision representation, oil pipelines, sealing of household appliances, sealing of drinking water pipelines, medicine, etc.

Food silicone tube is a linear polymer elastomer containing silicon-oxygen bonds, so it has high thermal stability. And it has excellent resistance to ozone aging, oxygen aging, light aging and weather aging, as well as excellent electrical insulation properties, mildew resistance and high air permeability. Silicone rubber is more resistant to cold and heat than plastic, and its properties remain unchanged between minus 70 degrees Celsius and plus 250 degrees Celsius.

Silicone rubber has a wide range of applications, and can make many model products and industrial supporting products, such as various medical-grade silicone tubes, milk bottle straws, silicone strips, pacifiers, silicone tableware, O-rings, gaskets, leather bowls, oil seals, valves, Shock absorber and diaphragm, medicine bottle stopper, etc. Because silicone rubber is non-toxic, non-adhesive to other materials, and can withstand multiple cooking and disinfection, it is widely used in medical and health and food industries, such as medical equipment, drinking water equipment, sports equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, lighting, audio. , toys, security monitoring, automobiles, industrial machinery and equipment, etc. In addition, silicone rubber can also be used as the coating and sealing of various electronic tubes or electrical components, with the effects of moisture-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof.

In the past 30 years, the annual growth rate of the world's silicone rubber products has remained at 8% to 15%, far exceeding the national economic growth rate of ordinary countries. Silicone rubber has been widely used in my country, the quantity and variety have continued to grow, and the application field has been continuously expanded. my country has become a market with great potential for silicone rubber products.

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