425-33-00111 4253300111 Durocone Floating Seal Assembly Komatsu Parts HD605 HD785 HYDRAULIC WA500 WA600 WD600
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425-33-00111 4253300111 Durocone Floating Seal Assembly Komatsu Parts HD605 HD785 HYDRAULIC WA500 WA600 WD600

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Machine brand: HD605 HD785 HYDRAULIC WA500 WA600 WD600
MOQ: 1 set
Part number: 425-33-00111 4253300111
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Product name: Durocone Floating Seal

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425-33-00111 4253300111 Durocone Floating Seal Assembly Komatsu Parts HD605 HD785 HYDRAULIC WA500 WA600 WD600

Engine model: HD605 HD785 HYDRAULIC WA500 WA600 WD600 (Click to check more excavator hydraulic seal kits)

Product name: Durocone Floating Seal

Machine model: HD605 HD785 HYDRAULIC WA500 WA600 WD600

Part number: 425-33-00111 4253300111

The sealing principle of the floating oil seal is that the two floating rings are deformed by the axial compression of the O-ring, which produces a pressing force on the sealing end face of the floating ring. With the uniform wear of the sealing end face, the elastic energy stored by the O-ring is gradually released, thereby playing an axial compensation role. The sealing surface can keep a good fit within the set time, and the general sealing life is more than 4000h.

A floating oil seal is a special type of mechanical seal. It is a compact mechanical seal developed to adapt to harsh working environments. Compensation, simple structure, and other advantages are most commonly used in construction machinery products and are also widely used in various conveyors, sand processing equipment, and concrete equipment. In coal mining machinery, it is mainly used for the sprocket of the scraper conveyor, the reducer and the transmission mechanism, the rocker arm, roller, etc. of the shearer. Such sealing products are widely used and mature in construction machinery and equipment, but in other industries, due to the small amount of use, the lack of basic theoretical data and experience, the failure phenomenon is common during use, and it is difficult to achieve the expected effect.

A certain gap is maintained between the floating ring and the rotating shaft, which can float freely but cannot rotate together with the rotating shaft. When the rotating shaft rotates, the sealing fluid (usual oil) is input from the outside to form an oil film at the gap between the rotating shaft and the floating ring. Due to the action of the oil wedge power generated when the shaft rotates, a certain oil film pressure is maintained in the oil film, so that the floating ring can automatically maintain the "centering" with the center of the shaft so that the amount of clearance is greatly reduced, and the fluid medium is effectively realized. Leaky seal. Its advantages are that the sealing performance is stable, reliable, and has a long service life; the working parameter range of the seal is wide (the working pressure can reach 30 MPa, and the working temperature is -100 ~ 200 ℃); it is especially suitable for the sealing of the gas medium in the centrifugal compressor. , It can also achieve no leakage to the atmospheric environment and is suitable for the sealing of flammable, explosive, toxic, and precious gas media. The disadvantage is that the processing requirements of the floating ring are high, and a special sealing oil system is required; there are many internal leakages, but they are still inherently internal circulation leakage, which is qualitatively different from the leakage of mechanical seals. Widely used in dynamic seals of centrifugal compressors.


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