• 0.44 x 47 inch or 11mm x 1200 mm La
  • Designed to provide the positive no-slip drive requirements needed on demanding overhead cam applications
  • Precision molded teeth are protected by durable fabric facing for long life
  • Tensile cord is engineered and tested for maximum load carrying capabilities
  • Rubber backing resists abrasion, oil and heat
Cross- numberGatesDescription
10913X1000=6470MCV Belt
109-13X1000=6470MCV Belt
13X1000=6470MCV Belt
13X1000S26470EXLV Belt
2/AVX 13 X 1000=6470EXLV Belt
2AVX13X1000=6470EXLV Belt
2XAVX13X1000=6470EXLV Belt
3XAVX13X1000=6470EXLV Belt
AVX 13 X 1000=6470EXLV Belt
AVX 13 X 1000 TM=6470MCV Belt
AVX13X1000=6470EXLV Belt
AVX13X1000=6470MCV Belt
AVX13X1000=6621ESV Belt
AVX13X1000S26470EXLV Belt
AVX13X1000TM=6470MCV Belt
DT13X1000LA=6470MCV Belt
DT-13X1000LA=6470MCV Belt
FB 13X1000=6470MCV Belt
FB13X1000=6470MCV Belt

6470 GATES Cogged Replacement V-Belt

REMF6470 MITSUBISHI MOTORS Cogged Replacement V-Belt

REMF6475 MITSUBISHI MOTORS Cogged Replacement V-Belt

Original Equipment ManufacturerMITSUBISHI MOTORS
OEM Part NumberREMF6475
Belt TypeCogged Automotive
VBG Replacement IdCGAT63025
Technical Specifications:(Inches)(mm)
Outside Circumference48.771238.76
Top Width0.5313.46
Belt Depth8.738.73
MaterialAuto Cogged
Belt SectionAW-17
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