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Centaflex-H Coupling CF-H Models Analogue

  • High torque capacity
  • Flexible design
  • Easy installation
  • Durable construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatile application
  • High torque capacity: The CF-H coupling is designed to handle high torque capacity, offering a maximum torque rating of up to 31,500 Nm.
  • Flexible design: The CF-H coupling is designed with high flexibility in mind, reducing vibration and noise levels in the system. It also allows for angular, radial, and axial displacement.
  • Easy installation: The CF-H coupling is designed to be easy to install, with a simple bolted connection system that requires no special tools or equipment.
  • Durable construction: The CF-H coupling is built to last, with a robust construction that can withstand harsh conditions, including extremes of temperature, humidity, and exposure to chemicals.
  • Low maintenance: The CF-H coupling requires minimal maintenance, with simple inspection procedures to check for wear and ensure proper alignment. This results in lower overall costs and reduced downtime for repairs.
  • Versatile application: The CF-H coupling can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, including pumps, fans, compressors, and generators, making it a versatile and reliable coupling solution for many different industries.

Hytrel is a thermoplastic elastomer material that combines the flexibility of rubber with the strength and durability of engineering plastics. Developed by DuPont, Hytrel is known for its excellent combination of mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties, making it ideal for a wide range of applications across various industries. Its unique properties include high flexibility, resistance to wear and tear, excellent resistance to chemicals, and a high fatigue life. This material is commonly used in automotive components, electrical cables, industrial equipment, and other applications that require a strong and resilient material that can withstand harsh environments and heavy use. Overall, Hytrel is a popular choice for designers seeking a versatile and reliable material that can meet the demands of a variety of applications.

hytrel matetial
hytrel matetial
centaflex-h coupling cf-h-500 500h coupling

CF-H coupling

The CF-H couplings are designed for high-horsepower, high-torque applications in industrial machinery and marine transmissions. These couplings are made with a durable, flexible element made of polyurethane that is able to absorb shock and vibration caused by misalignment or torque variations. The elastic element is surrounded by two metal hubs that are connected through bolts or clamps. The CF-H coupling is able to handle high torque loads without sacrificing flexibility, making it ideal for applications that require precise torque transmission while dampening vibrations and addressing misalignments. These couplings are typically used in marine engines, power generators, pumps, and industrial machinery.

Full Range Of CF-H models

  • Perfectly replaced for Centaflex-H couplings
  • Complete range of models available: CF-H-16, CF-H-25, CF-H-30, CF-H-35, CF-H-40, CF-H-45, CF-H-50, CF-H-90, CF-H-110, CF-H-130, CF-H-140, CF-H-160, CF-H-240, CF-H-300, CF-H-500
centaflex-h coupling cf-h-50 50h coupling size 50

K series couplings of Excavator Coupling Assembly

YNF provides the K series coupling for the excavators as well.

The K series couplings include 25K, 50K, 110K, 160K, 165K, 240K, 550K.

The K series mainly are used on Doosan, Volvo, Hyundai excavators.

11M8-10010, 11N1-10010, 11M9-00100, 11N3-16020, 11N3-16030, 11EM-12030, 11EM-12040, 13E6-16030, 11N6-15010, 11N7-10010, 11E9-15022, 11E9-16012, 11N8-18011, 11NB-13011, 11QA-01021, 11ND-13012, 11NB-13010, 11NB-13030, 11NB-13020

DJF-25K, DJF-50K, DJF-110K, DJF-160K, DJF-165K, DJF-240K, DJF-550K

High-quality Centaflex Coupling CF-H Models Analogue

If you are looking for the Centaflex-H coupling, you come to the right place. YNF Machinery provides the CF-H couplings that match the centaflex-H coupling perfectly. Though the couplings are aftermarket, they are showing a perfect performance. And their prices are very reasonable.

YNF Machinery has many models of the series. Contact us today.

How can I order the parts?

It’s easy. Just send us an email, and our staff will contact you for more details.

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Yes, we have an online store. But to avoid any mistakes, it’s better to contact us to confirm the right models that you have.

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What information do you need to check the freight cost/shipping cost?

Firstly, it’s the quantity of the parts that you need. We need this information to calculate the weight and volume.

Secondly, it’s the delivery address and postal code.

What is your usual way of delivery?

Usually, we send with DHL, UPS, or EMS. We also send by sea by bulk order.

To Russia, We can also send with a Russian line. Russian line is a shipment way sent by truck and train.

If the quantity of orders is not very big, we could send them to you by express delivery, such as TNT, DHL, UPS, OR EMS, etc.

If an order is big, we will advise you to use Air Shipping or Sea Shipping through your nominated forwarder agent. Our long-term cooperated agent is also available.

Are all the Centaflex-H couplings are in stock?

We keep stock of all sizes of couplings. Usually we can send out the coupling within 3 working days after payment arrives.

Can you send us the price lists (so that we do not always bother you when we need the price info)?

Sorry that we don’t have a price list. You’re welcome to contact us if you need anything.

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