EG65R-3 EG70R-3 MA200 ZX110-3 ZX110-3-AMS Excavator Air Conditioner Condenser 4647814 radiator cooling parts
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EG65R-3 EG70R-3 MA200 ZX110-3 ZX110-3-AMS Excavator Air Conditioner Condenser 4647814 radiator cooling parts

Detailed Product Description

EG65R-3 EG70R-3 MA200 ZX110-3 ZX110-3-AMS Excavator Air Conditioner Condenser 4647814 radiator cooling parts

Auto Ac Condenser For Truck Hitachi-3 Hitachi-240 Hitachi-Electric fule Injection EFI John Deere 4647814 503708-5940 503708594



Part Name

Exvacator Oil Coller

Working Medium

Water, Oil, and Air


Water radiator, oil radiator, intercooler, combined radiator, radiator assembly



The texture of material:Copper, aluminum
structural style:Fin, tube type, plate fin
Interface formPipe connection, the threaded connection, flange connection
aluminum materialsoldering
PaymentTT in advance, Western Union, PayPal,L/C at sight



1). High quality and competitive price.
2).. Long life span, good sales-after service.
3).. 100% new, strict inspection & test.
4).. Standard export packing.
5).. One year quality warranty.
6).. Have strong stock, small order is acceptable
7).. Various kinds are selectable with different car models.
8).. Improve power and increase torque
9).. Improve fuel economy and reduce fuel consumption
10).. Reduce waste emissions and reduceenvironmentalpollution



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