Excavator Boom Cylinder Seal Kit Arm Cylinder Seal Kit Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit for Caterpillar,Seal Kit for Caterpillar Excavator
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Excavator Boom Cylinder Seal Kit Arm Cylinder Seal Kit Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit for Caterpillar

Detailed Product Description

Excavator Boom Cylinder Seal Kit Arm Cylinder Seal Kit Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit for Caterpillar

Product name:Excavator Boom Cylinder Seal Kit Arm Cylinder Seal Kit Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit for Caterpillar
Machine model:Caterpillar
Suitable for machine:Caterpillar excavator
Product category:excavator parts, excavator seal kits, excavator cylinder seal kits
Material:Genuine high quality material
Seal name:Excavator Boom Cylinder Seal Kit Arm Cylinder Seal Kit Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit for Caterpillar


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Supply Ability
Supply Ability:100 Piece/Pieces per Month

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging DetailsExcavator Boom Cylinder Seal Kit Arm Cylinder Seal Kit Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit for Caterpillar is Packed in standard export packing under customer's requirement.
PortGUANGZHOU Port China
Lead Time :Shipped in 3 days after payment



couplingsrubber mountsgear parts , hydraulic seals and seal kits for hydraulic hammers, rock breakers, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, and JCB backhoe loaders. 

And, Our Company also supply:

Engine Parts, hydraulic piston pump and hydraulic travel motor, Swing motor assembly and hydraulic component parts, electric parts, etc. Hydraulic hammer breaker parts with piston, cylinder, chisel, through bolt, side bolt, top bush, front head bushing, accumulator, valve, etc. 

We always try our best for all our customers and make it better and better. Welcome!

Contact: sales@ynfrubber.com

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Our Factory 

Our excavator parts factory was set up in 1988 in Kaiping city,Guangdong Province. And in year 2011 we set up the 2nd factory. Now we are the largest excavator rubber parts supplier in southern China. Factory occupies 10,000 square meters and has several full sets of excavator parts production line with 80 professional workers and 3-million annual production capacity.

Factory manager Mr.Zhang has 24years excavator parts industrial & manufacturing experience.Factory R&D and QC team are rich experienced in excavator parts production line.


A.Hydraulic Breaker Seals, Seal Kits and Hyd. Hammer Parts Suitable for Furukawa, Soosan, Krupp, Atlas Copco, Daemo, NPK, JCB, Komatsu, Toku, Montabert, Okada, Hanwoo, Doosan, Fine, MSB, Komac, Rammer, Rhino, Toyo, etc.

B.Hydraulic Seals & Seal Kits & Spare Parts for Excavator Hyd. Cylinder, Hydraulic Pump, Swing Motor, Travel Motor, Main Control Valve MCV, Diesel Engine, Suitable for Komatsu, Hitachi, Caterpillar, Volvo, Hyundai, Kobelco, Sumitomo, Kato, Doosan, JCB, etc.





1. What is you core activity (do you deal with engine replacement parts, fuel system, undercarriage, etc)? 

We mainly do the couplings, seal kits, electric parts, gear parts and bearings.

2. Which kind of machinery you work with (bulldozers, front loaders, graders, excavators, etc)? 


3. Which brands of machinery you work with? 

We supply parts for brands like: Hitachi, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Sumitomo, Hyundai, Kobelco, Liebherr, JCB, etc.

We mainly do small to meddium size excavators.

4. Do you have the stock? 

Most of our products are in stock.

5. Can you send us the price lists (so that we do not always bother you when we need the price info)? 

Sorry that we don't have price list. You're welcomed to contact us if you need anything.

6. If we make the order, can we pay as the an individual? Or we should make the contract for each delivery? 

We accept Western Union, PayPal, T/T.

For small order, we recommend Western Union and PayPal. 

For PayPal, you'll need to pay extra 5% of total amount to cover the PayPal cost.

For T/T, you'll need to pay extra 50USD to cover the bank charge and handling cost if order less than 1000USD.

7. What is your usual way of delivery?

Usually we send with DHL, UPS, EMS. We also send by sea by bulk order.

To Russia,  We can also send with Russian line. Russian line is a shipment way sent by truck and train.





Machine brandModelSeal kit namePart # / Cylinder #
CaterpillarCAT110Bboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT110Barm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT110Bbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT200B   NEWboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT200B   NEWarm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT200B   NEWbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT200B   OLDboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT200B   OLDarm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT200B   OLDbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT200Eboom cylinder seal kit (E85300011)
CaterpillarCAT200Earm cylinder seal kit  (E85300041)
CaterpillarCAT200Ebucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT240 (JAPAN)boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT240 (JAPAN)arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT240 (JAPAN)bucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT240 (USA)boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT240 (USA)arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT240 (USA)bucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT300B OLDboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT300B OLDarm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT300B OLDbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT300Eboom cylinder seal kit (FA5300041)
CaterpillarCAT300Earm cylinder seal kit  (FA5300022) 
CaterpillarCAT300Ebucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT300-Hboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT300-Harm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT300-Hbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT301.5boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT301.5arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT301.5bucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT303boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT303arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT303bucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT307   307B/Cboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT307   307B/Carm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT307   307B/Cbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT308B/Cboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT308B/Carm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT308B/Cbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT311boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT311arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT311bucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT311B    CAT311CV    CAT311CUboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT311B    CAT311CV    CAT311CUarm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT311B    CAT311CV    CAT311CUbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT312boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT312arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT312bucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT312B/C boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT312B/C arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT312B/C bucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT312D boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT312D arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT312D bucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT315Cboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT315Carm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT315Cbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT315D    (不常用)boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT315D    (不常用)arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT315D    (不常用)bucket cylinder seal kit
Caterpillar CAT315Dboom cylinder seal kit
Caterpillar CAT315Darm cylinder seal kit
Caterpillar CAT315Dbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT320/ CAT320V1 /CAT320V2boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT320/ CAT320V1 /CAT320V2arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT320/ CAT320V1 /CAT320V2bucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT320C/B/Dboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT320C/B/Darm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT320C/B/Dbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT320C/D    CAT323Dboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT320C/D    CAT323Darm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT320C/D    CAT323Dbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT320D   (黄色油缸) 不常用boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT320D   (黄色油缸) 不常用arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT320D   (黄色油缸) 不常用bucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT322Bboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT322Barm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT322Bbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT320C/D    CAT323Dboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT320C/D    CAT323Darm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT320C/D    CAT323Dbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT324D  boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT324D  arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT324D  bucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT 325boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT 325arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT 325bucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT325Bboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT325Barm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT325Bbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT325Cboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT325Carm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT325Cbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT325D   CAT329Dboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT325D   CAT329Darm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT325D   CAT329Dbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT329Dboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT329Darm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT329Dbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT330   CAT330Bboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT330   CAT330Barm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT330   CAT330Bbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT330C     进口机boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT330C     进口机arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT330C     进口机bucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT330C     CAT330CL /C9boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT330C     CAT330CL /C9arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT330C     CAT330CL /C9bucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT330D   CAT336Dboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT330D   CAT336Darm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT330D   CAT336Dbucket cylinder seal kit
Caterpillar CAT345Bboom cylinder seal kit
Caterpillar CAT345Barm cylinder seal kit
Caterpillar CAT345Bbucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT345D      CAT349Dboom cylinder seal kit (376-4336)
CaterpillarCAT345D      CAT349Darm cylinder seal kit (331-9328)
CaterpillarCAT345D      CAT349Dbucket cylinder seal kit (333-8675)
CaterpillarCAT450boom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT450arm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarCAT450bucket cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarE 70 B/307Bboom cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarE 70 B/307Barm cylinder seal kit
CaterpillarE 70 B/307Bbucket cylinder seal kit

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