Gear hubs that are used on Bowex FLE-PA Couplings
Gear hubs that are used on Bowex FLE-PA Couplings

YNF not only provides bowex fle-pa flange couplings but also the gear hubs which are used with bowex fle-pa couplings

Although the gear hubs are not easy to break, we recommend changing the hubs and Bowex fle-pa couplings together when the Bowex fle-pa coupling breaks down. Because it’ll match more perfectly to the machine. And you don’t need to worry to maintain it again.

■ Materials

If the material is not strong enough on the flywheel side, it can be compensated for by changing the bolt length. YNF Machinery is always using the best material to provide the gear hub.

■ Size available
48, T48, T55, 65, T65, T70, 80, T80, 100, T100, 125, T125

■ We can also produce the gear hub according to your drawings or samples.

YNF04414 4-13T Gear ID19.5-23 OD94 H42

4x13T Gear ID19.5/23 OD94 H42

YNF13367 4-23T Gear ID35-38 OD94 H42

4x23T Gear ID35/38 OD94 H42

YNF13368 4-21T Gear Hub ID32-35 OD95 H42

4x21T Gear Hub ID32/35 OD95 H42

6x14T OD120-85 ID28-32 H50 YNF03536

6x14T OD120/85 ID28/32 H50

6x15T OD120-85 ID22-26 H50 YNF03537

6x15T OD120-85 ID22-26 H50

6x15T OD120-85 ID45-51 H50 YNF03538

6x15T OD120-85 ID45-51 H50

6x17T OD120-85 ID27-31 H50 YNF03540

6x17T OD120-85 ID27-31 H50

6x17T OD120-85 ID42-47 H50 YNF03541

6x17T OD120-85 ID42-47 H50

6x21T OD120-85 ID32-35 H50 YNF03542

6x21T OD120-85 ID32-35 H50

6x23T OD120-85 ID35-38 H50 YNF02801

6x23T OD120-85 ID35-38 H50

8x17T OD148-110 ID42-47 H57 YNF01644

8x17T OD148-110 ID42-47 H57

1 2 3 10

■ Bowex spline hub & clamping hub


Bowex spline hub & clamping hub
Bowex spline hub & clamping hub
Spline and clamping hubs to SAE J498
SizeDimensions [mm]Order
specify cou-

TypeSpline sizel1l2lsFf
42KPH-S 5/8"42====P558101
KPI-S 3/4"=35===P559101
KPB-S 7/8"42==603P567101

48KPA-S 3/8"

65KPA-S 3/8"
PC-S 11/4"55=44525P656201
Can your spline gear hub can replace the bowex spline hubs and clamping hubs?

Sure, our hubs can replace the bowex spline hubs and clamping hubs. When replacing the FLE-PA Bowex flange coupling, you can use our spline gear hubs and clamping hubs with cofidence. They fit perfectly.

How can I order the hubs from your company? Can I order it with KTR purchasing number?

No, the KTR purchasing number doesn’t work with us. On our page (gear hubs for bowex fle-pa coupling), we have listed the hubs we have now with our YNF code. You can order the hubs with the YNF codes. Or you can ditectly contact us for more dimensions details.
Moreover, we can also provide customized service based on your drawing.

Can your hubs be used on other coupling brands' products?

As long as the dimensions fit, our hubs can be used on other different couplings no matter what coupling brands.
So far, our hubs work perfectly with Centa, KTR, Bowex, Guardian flywheel couplings and more.

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