All About Excavator and Excavator Parts
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All About Excavator and Excavator Parts

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This page will be continuously updated. So you can visit this page anytime you want to know about the excavators and excavator parts. Maybe you'll find something interesting. 


Brief Introduction

ExcavatorsMultipurpose excavator
  • Single bucket excavator

  • Crawler hydraulic excavator

  • Wheel hydraulic excavator

  • Walking excavator

  • Electromechanical excavator / Mine excavator / Electric Shovel excavator

  • Backhoe Loader

Excavator Parts

Fun facts about excavators

Brief Introduction:

Before knowing about the excavators, you need to know what is construction machinery. 


The machinery and equipment needed for earthwork, mobile lifting and unloading engineering, human and cargo lifting and conveying engineering, and comprehensive mechanized construction of various construction projects, as well as the mechanized operations in the above related industrial production process, are collectively referred to as construction machinery.

Excavator is the main type of construction machinery and one of the main construction machinery and equipment in earth and stone engineering. It is known as the king of construction machinery. About 60% -75% of the engineering volume in the project is completed by the excavator. Excavators are widely used in many industries in the construction of the national economy, such as industrial and civil buildings, transportation, pipelines, water conservancy and power, farmland transformation, mining, and modern military, and other engineering industries. With the rapid and continuous development of the national economy, in various engineering construction fields, excavators are more and more accepted by people for their fast and efficient construction operations, and their role in infrastructure construction is becoming more and more obvious. This has also promoted the rapid development of excavators in recent years and is one of the fastest-growing models in the entire construction machinery industry. 


Single bucket excavator

A single excavator is a self-excavating machine that excavates soil and ore using a single bucket and is mainly composed of a working device, a turntable, and a walking device. During the operation, after the bucket is fully excavated, it turns to the unloading point to unload the soil, and the empty bucket returns to the excavation point for periodic operation. Single-bucket excavators are widely used in house construction, road construction, hydropower construction, farmland reconstruction, and military engineering, as well as open-pit mines, open-air warehouses, and picking plants. A single-bucket excavator is the most common type of excavator. Corresponding to the multi-bucket excavator, the single-bucket excavator has only one bucket.

The single excavator is a major earth-rock machine. In construction, the single-bucket excavator can excavate foundation pits, trenches, clean up, and level the site. It is a very important mechanical equipment in the construction of earthwork. After the attachment, it can also perform tasks such as crushing, loading and unloading, lifting, and piling.

The power device of the single-bucket excavator includes diesel engine drive, electric drive (called electric shovel), steam engine drive, and compound drive. Type and floating type, the turntable can do a 360-degree full rotation or partial rotation. At present, the commonly used in earthwork construction is diesel engine driven, full rotation, hydraulic transmission excavator.

Classification of single bucket excavator:

CrawlerCrawler type mechanical single bucket excavator
Crawler electric single bucket excavator
Crawler hydraulic single bucket excavator
Walking mechanical single bucket excavator
Walking hydraulic single bucket excavator
WheeledWheeled mechanical single bucket excavator
Wheeled hydraulic single bucket excavator
Wheeled electric single bucket excavator
AutomobileAutomobile mechanical single bucket excavator
Automobile hydraulic single bucket excavator
Automobile electric single bucket excavator

Crawler hydraulic excavator

Wheel hydraulic excavator

Walking excavator

Electromechanical excavator / Mine excavator / Electric Shovel excavator

Backhoe Loader

Excavator Parts

Fun facts about excavators:

  1. China's largest mining excavator: WK-75

  2. The world's largest hydraulic excavator: O & K RH400

  3. The world's largest electric excavator: Marion 6360

  4. The world's largest bucket-wheel excavator: KRUPP293

  5. China's largest hydraulic excavator: XE7000

  6. Top in the countries:

United States: is the country with the longest history of producing excavators

Germany: is the first country to adopt hydraulic technology

China: the country with the fastest-growing demand for excavators

Japan: the country with the fastest development of excavators

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