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YNF is always best partner for purchasing the excavator parts. YNF has stock of thousands of excavator parts. The average order handling time (from order to shipping) is 3 days.

With the support of a professional team and application software, YNF can help you solve problems in excavator procurement.

The Excavator Parts Categories

You can find the excavator spare parts according to the categories like rubber parts, hydraulic parts, seal kits, final drives, motors, etc.


High-quality couplings can improve the efficiency of energy transmission and reduce the damage to the engine and hydraulic pump during energy transmission, thereby improving the service life of the engine and hydraulic pump.
excavator rubber parts
There are many rubber products on an excavator, including engine shock absorber, radiator water pipe, air intake hose, oil resistance pipe, oil return pipe, floor rubber mat, rubber track and so on. You can find the rubber parts by sending us the part number.
hydraulic oil seals
When you are purchasing hydraulic oil seals, be sure to choose high-quality ones. Oil leaking is very harmful to an excavator. And low-quality hydraulic oil seals will cause you to stop the excavator constantly to find the oil leak and solve the oil leak problem.
Excavator Electrical Accessories
Excavator electrical accessories are components that contribute to the proper functioning of the electrical system in an excavator. These accessories may include items such as fuses, relays, batteries, alternators, starter motors, lights, sensors, and wiring harnesses.
Hydraulic Parts
The hydraulic system of an excavator consists of various parts that work together to power the machine and its attachments. Proper maintenance and repair of these hydraulic parts are crucial to ensuring that the excavator operates effectively and safely. Contact us for high-quality hydraulic parts.
Engine Parts
The main engine parts inside a diesel engine include: Cylinder Block, Pistons, Fuel Injector, Cylinder Head, Valves, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Turbocharger, etc. There are many other components, such as the oil pump, water pump, and cooling system, that work together to keep the engine running smoothly.
Final drive & gearbox
The excavator final drive is a hydraulic mechanism that transmits power from the hydraulic motor to the excavator tracks or wheels. It is located at the base of the excavator and is responsible for driving the machine forward and backward. Contact us now for more information.
The bearings play a vital role in the reliable and efficient operation of an excavator, and they require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure optimal performance. It has several important functions like reduce friction, support weight, increase efficiency, maintain alignment.
Excavator Miscellaneous Items
Excavator Miscellaneous Items can refer to a variety of smaller components and tools that are used alongside an excavator to enhance its functionality and make operation more efficient. There are many other Excavator Miscellaneous Items available, depending on the specific needs of a job or project.
Bushings on an excavator are cylindrical metal components that are used as bearings to reduce friction between different parts of the excavator. They are typically made of a durable metal such as bronze or steel, and are used to support and guide moving components such as pins, axles, and other rotating joints. Bushings are commonly found in the boom, arm, and bucket pivot points.
Main Pumps, Travel , Swing Motors
The main pump on an excavator is responsible for supplying hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic system of the excavator. The hydraulic system powers the various components of the excavator such as the boom, arm, and bucket, enabling them to perform tasks such as digging, lifting and moving materials. The travel motors of an excavator are responsible for moving...
Friction Plates
The friction plates in an excavator are a critical component of the transmission system. They are responsible for engaging and disengaging the various gears and clutches in the system, allowing the operator to control the direction, speed, and torque of the machine. Regular maintenance and replacement are essential for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the excavator.
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  • Range of parts: An excavator is a complex machine made up of several parts working together. YNF can provide a wide range of parts, such as hydraulic pumps, engines, tracks, and undercarriage parts, to ensure you can get all the parts you need from one source.
  • Customization: Some parts may need customization based on your specific needs. YNF can provide customization services to ensure the parts meet your specifications.

  • Customer service: A reliable supplier should have excellent customer service. They should be responsive to inquiries or concerns, provide helpful advice, and be willing to work with you to resolve any issues that may arise. YNF is the one.
  • Availability: In the construction industry, equipment downtime can be costly. Choose YNF as your supplier that has a wide range of excavator parts in stock and can provide quick delivery.
  • Flexibility: Sometimes, unexpected situations can arise that require quick action. YNF can be flexible in terms of delivery times and can accommodate urgent requests.
YNF with custoemrs.

Hot Sale Products

KYB-42CG hydraulic main pump 362x264
KYB PSVL-42CG main pump assy apply to Kubota KX121-3 hydraulic pump B061042002
YNF02974 4TNV88 Engine Ass'y (NEW)
Model: 4TNV88 Engine Assembley / Brandnew / Purchasing code: YNF02974
CF-H-50 Size 50 Centaflex Coupling
High-quality CF-H-50 Size 50 Coupling Best replacement for Centaflex coupling
CF-A-50 Size 50 Centaflex Coupling
50A Size 50 Coupling compatial with Centaflex CF-A-50 with spline hub
EX230 ZAX230 ZAX200-3 ZAX240-3 Front HR-2088 YNF02645 4624866 362x264
Part # 4624866 Front Engine Rubber Mount for EX230 ZAX230 ZAX200-3 ZAX240-3
Excavator Pushers
The pushers - Very competitive price, Hot Products
engine fan blades 362x264
Each month, there are two containers of fan blades sending out from our warehouse.
hydraulic cylinder bushing 362x264
Directly selling from factory, Customization Available
hydraulic seal kit 362x264
High-quality hydraulic seal kits with accurate data helps avoiding the oil-leaking problems.

Usually, we send with DHL, UPS, or EMS. We also send by sea by bulk order.

To Russia, We can also send with Russian line. Russian line is a shipment way sent by truck and train.

If the quantity of orders is not very big, we could send them to you by express delivery, such as TNT, DHL, UPS, OR EMS, etc.

If an order is big, we will advise you to use Air Shipping or Sea Shipping through your nominated forwarder agent. Our long-term cooperated agent is also available.

We accept Western Union, PayPal, and T/T.
For small orders, we recommend Western Union and PayPal.
For PayPal, you’ll need to pay an extra 5% of the total amount to cover the PayPal cost.
For T/T, you’ll need to pay an extra 50 USD to cover the bank charge and handling cost if the order is less than 1000USD.

6 monthes warranty on manufacturing errors. Wear and tear are excluded.

Complete Guide
It’s easy to find the correct excavator parts from YNF.

  • No matter what language you speak, just talk with us when you have any requirements on excavator parts.
  • We provide a one-stop purchasing service on excavator parts. If you didn’t find the one on our website, just talk to us.
What you can bring to us? (Why I should choose you?)

We provide one-stop shop purchasing service of excavator parts. It can save your money and time.

Do you have the earthmover equipments parts look-up system to check the parts?

We have the parts look-up system to confirm the parts. Those include the Caterpillar excavator parts SIS system, Komatsu excavator parts system, Case IH excavator parts system, Doosan EPC excavator parts system, John Deere excavator parts system, Hitachi HOP excavator parts system, Kobelco EPC excavator parts system, ISUZU engine parts system, etc. And we are planning to provide such system online for our customers to check the parts. You can sign up our newsletter, once it’s ready, we can inform you.

Do you have a excavator parts dealer near me?

Currently, we send all the excavator spare parts from our warehouse located in Guangzhou China.

Usually, it takes only 4-10 days to ship all over the world.

Why we don’t open a warehouse in another area? Because we want to save the cost for both you and us. For us, it can lower our cost of paying for the rent, human sources, and so on. Thus we can sell the excavator spare parts at a much lower price to you. For the buyer, 4 days of waiting can help you to save thousands of money. It’s worthy it.

Do you have the catalogue of all the excavator spare parts that you are doing?

Because there are many spare parts in an excavator, and our parts range is very wide. We can’t put all the spare parts into the catalogue. But we will put the good sellers into the catalogue.

The best way to know our excavator spare parts, it’s to visit our websites. We keep updating our websites whenever there are new parts.

Our website is www.ynfmachinery.com .

It’s also good way to ask our staff for what you need. Just the part number or few descriptions of the parts, we can confirm the excavator spare parts for you.

How to sign up our newsletter?

Just send an email with title: newsletter to email address: sales@ynfmachinery.com .

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