Fuall Range of Excavator Couplings

YNF MACHINERY is a leading supplier of high-quality excavator couplings designed to meet the demands of today’s heavy equipment industries. These couplings are designed to provide reliable and efficient power transmission between the excavator’s engine and hydraulic pump system, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Excavator Engine Drive Hydraulic Pump Couplings

Using only the highest quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, YNF MACHINERY’s excavator couplings are engineered to withstand the toughest working conditions, providing reliable and consistent performance day in and day out.

In addition to their exceptional durability and long-lasting performance, YNF MACHINERY’s excavator couplings are also designed for easy installation and maintenance, helping to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

As a leading provider of excavator couplings, YNF MACHINERY is committed to delivering innovative solutions and top-quality products to customers around the world, with a focus on exceptional customer service and support.

Product By Categories

CF-A Flexible Rubber Coupling replacement for Cetaflex

highly flexible, maintenance-free coupling designed to transmit torque between two rotating components while compensating for any misalignment or axial displacement

centaflex-h coupling

H coupling can compensate for significant radial, angular, and axial misalignments, making it ideal for use in large machines, such as industrial engines, marine transmissions, and heavy-duty gearboxes

YNF01479 15 Teeth Coupling Spline Hub OD160 ID4552 H60 Z4 Bolt 20mm Connect Pump Shaft SAE Standard 3

Different sizes of Spline Hubs fit for Centaflex-A and Centaflex-H couplings. Customized spline hubs are also available. Most of the spline hubs are in stock. Contact us now to get more size information.

bowex coupling

Suitable for use in high-speed applications, such as pumps, generators, compressors, and other mechanical power transmission equipment. Its durability, reliability, and efficiency have made it a popular choice among industrial professionals worldwide.

Gear Hubs for Bowex Flange Couplings

Perfectly fits the Bowex Flange Couplings.

Some models are with drum designs. Some models can be customized according to your drawings.

monolastic couplings

Its construction consists of a flexible elastomeric element that is bonded between two metal hubs, which allows for misalignment compensation and vibration isolation

clutch plates

The clutch plate allows power to be transferred from the engine to the transmission. When the clutch pedal is released, the pressure on the clutch plate is released, and power transmission is temporarily halted.

hose couplings

Hose couplings are connectors that are used to join two pieces of hose together or to connect a hose to a piece of equipment, such as a pump or valve. They come in different types and sizes, depending on the application and the size of the hose they are connecting.

Why YNF Coupling?

excavavator couplings ynf
Wide Range of Couplings

YNF Machinery offers a wide range of couplings suitable for various applications across different industries, providing customers with numerous options to choose from.

Custom Manufacturing

YNF Machinery offers custom couplings manufacturing services to meet unique customer requirements.

Reliable Performance

YNF Machinery’s couplings are designed for reliable performance, ensuring that they can withstand harsh conditions and heavy usage.

Excellent Customer Service

YNF Machinery’s knowledgeable customer service team is always available to assist customers with inquiries or concerns, providing exceptional service from start to finish.

Competitive Pricing

YNF Machinery offers competitive pricing for their couplings, making them affordable for customers while also maintaining high-quality standards.

Extensive Industry Experience

YNF Machinery has extensive experience in the manufacturing of couplings, giving them the expertise to create durable and effective products.

Customer Reviews

Все отлично. Продавец на связи, отправка быстрая.
customer review 01Mikhail Kavardakov,Russian Federation
Thank you Ma'am.. Received the parts in time & they are in good quality status.
customer reviews1Muh Arwani,Indonesia
good quality product
customer review 03 indonesianEdi Rahmat,Indonesia
товар пришёл всё хорошо. Спасибо! качество хорошее!
customer reviews2Yuri Shepelevich,Russian Federation
atendimento maravilhoso muito atenciosos e prestativos mandaram todas as medidas da peça antes da compra chegou e deu certinha muito obrigado! Recomendo
customer reviews3CassieleRazia Vieira,Brazil
Thuth be told, not much difference with original parts, we still need to check them for how long will it stand, but so far they suit our Isuzu 4hk1 engine mounted on a JCB JS200 2009 crawler excavator
customer reviews4DIEGO YEPEZ,Mexico

Excavator Couplings
hydraulic pump coupling

The hydraulic pump coupling on an excavator is an important component that helps to transfer power from the engine to the hydraulic pump
The hydraulic pump coupling must be durable and capable of transmitting high levels of torque without slipping or failing. It must also be designed to compensate for any misalignment between the engine and the hydraulic pump shafts, ensuring that power is transmitted smoothly and efficiently. In addition, it must be able to withstand high-stress situations such as sudden changes in the load or rapid acceleration and deceleration.

As a reseller, are excavator couplings the good items that I can invest in?

Excavator couplings are essential components in excavator machinery, and they are regularly replaced due to wear and tear. Therefore, there is always a demand for excavator couplings in the construction industry. As a reseller, investing in excavator couplings could be a good idea, as long as there is a demand for them in your targeted market and region. You may want to conduct market research to determine the demand for couplings to ensure that it is a profitable investment. Additionally, partnering with reliable suppliers like YNF Machinery can help you secure high-quality products to satisfy your customers, enabling you to build a strong customer base and capitalize on sales opportunities.

Is YNF a famous brand in hydraulic pump coupling?

YNF is a well-known brand in the construction machinery industry that produces high-quality hydraulic coupling for excavators, bulldozers, and other heavy-duty machinery. Their hydraulic pump coupling is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions and provide excellent performance, making it a popular choice among construction industry professionals globally. In addition, YNF Machinery has an extensive range of excavator parts of various brands, ensuring that customers can find the appropriate parts for their machinery. Ultimately, YNF has established itself as a trusted brand in the industry, and many machinery owners and resellers rely on their products to maintain their machines.

How can I ensure I'm buying the correct hydraulic pump coupling for my excavator?

To ensure you are buying the correct hydraulic pump coupling for your excavator, you should consider the following factors:
1. Model Number: Check the model number of your excavator and the corresponding hydraulic pump coupling model number in the manufacturer’s parts catalog.
2. Spline Count: Count the number of splines on your existing hydraulic pump coupling. The spline count must match the new coupling you’re planning to buy.
3. Shaft Diameter: Measure the diameter of the engine’s output shaft, and ensure that the new hydraulic pump coupling you are buying has an appropriate-sized bore to fit snugly over the shaft.
4. Compatibility: Check for compatibility with the make and model of your excavator. Specific excavator manufacturers may use different hydraulic pump coupling designs and specifications. Make sure that the one you’re buying is compatible with your excavator’s make and model.
5. Quality: Ensure that the hydraulic pump coupling you are purchasing is made from durable, high-quality materials, that can withstand extreme conditions and last long.
By considering the above factors, you can ensure that you buy the correct hydraulic pump coupling for your excavator, which will work effectively and efficiently for a long time.

How does an excavator hydraulic pump coupling work?

The hydraulic pump coupling on an excavator is a device that connects the engine’s rotational movement to the pump. Its purpose is to provide a mechanical connection that can transmit power between the engine and the pump, allowing the excavator’s hydraulic system to function properly. This coupling enables the hydraulic pump to draw in hydraulic fluid from the reservoir and generate the necessary pressure for operating the various hydraulic functions of the excavator.
Typically, an excavator’s hydraulic pump coupling is made up of two components – the female coupling and the male coupling. The female coupling is mounted to the hydraulic pump and is designed with splines on the inside for the male coupling to fit into. The male coupling is mounted to the engine’s output shaft and is designed with external splines that fit into the female coupling’s interior splines.
When the engine is running, the male coupling rotates at the same speed as the engine output shaft. The external splines on this coupling fit snugly into the internal splines on the female coupling. This creates a mechanical link that allows the hydraulic pump to turn at the same speed as the engine, generating the needed hydraulic pressure for operating the excavator’s hydraulic functions.
In summary, the hydraulic pump coupling on an excavator serves as a mechanical link between the engine and the hydraulic pump, allowing the hydraulic system to function effectively. It helps transmit power efficiently from the engine to the hydraulic pump to carry out a wide range of tasks involved in operating the excavator.

How many types of excavator couplings are there?

There are several different types of excavator couplings available, including:

1. Jaw Couplings: These couplings are often used in excavators because of their flexibility and ability to compensate for misalignment.
2. Gear Couplings: These couplings are used when higher torque capacity is needed, and are often used for larger excavators and heavy-duty applications.
3. Disc Couplings: These couplings are used when precise transmission of power is important, and are often used in more precise excavation applications.
4. Fluid Couplings: These couplings use hydraulic fluid to transmit power and are often used in situations where there is a need for smooth starting and stopping of the equipment.
5. Pin and Bush Couplings: These couplings are often used in smaller excavators and are less flexible than jaw couplings.
Overall, the choice of excavator coupling will depend on the specific needs of the equipment and the application in which it is being used.

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