Centaflex Coupling CF-A Models Analogue
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Centaflex Coupling CF-A Models Analogue

  • We have CF-A Series couplings from size 2 to size 400
  • The couplings are made of natural rubber
  • Our couplings are fully compatible with Centaflex-A couplings.
  • Our products offer a combination of affordable pricing and reliable performance.
  • We have developed size 2 to size 400.
  • Two kinds of holes: straight holes (A-type) & step holes (AS-type)
  • Rubber Elements are available in 60 to 65 degrees of Shore hardness.
  • Highly torsional flexibility
  • Widely used on excavators, bulldozers, compactors, marines, industrial machines, etc.
  • Spline hubs, bolts, and screws are available.

The main material we are using when producing the Centaflex-A coupling (CF-A) is SVR 3L (equivalent to technical rubber TSR 3L).

SVR3L Hybrid Rubber is a rubber material made by mixing natural rubber and synthetic rubber. It has the excellent properties of natural rubber, such as good elasticity, wear resistance, and aging resistance, and at the same time has the advantages of synthetic rubber, such as oil resistance, solvent resistance, and high-temperature resistance. Therefore, SVR3L hybrid rubber has been widely used in the production of rubber products.

Other suppliers are using recycled rubber only.

centaflex size 50 coupling

CF-A coupling

The CF-A couplings are widely used in different industries like excavators (it’s an important excavator part that links the engine to the pump), compressor industry, power generation industry, and many other heavy machinery.
The CF-A couplings are designed to transmit torque between two shafts (engine shaft and hydraulic pump shaft) for compensating for any misalignment and axial displacement.
The structure of CF-A couplings includes flexible rubber elements and spline hubs. The flexible rubber elements are bonded to the spline hubs with the bolts, and pins. It can provide excellent vibration-damping and shock absorption capabilities.
This kind of design is perfect to avoid vibration and also safety to prevent any catastrophic failure in case of overload or machine malfunction.
Overall, the CF-A couplings are a reliable and durable solution for any application that requires high torque transmission with flexibility and safety.

Superior Performance & Enhanced Safety

  • Superior Performance: The CF-A couplings are made of high-quality materials (the main material is 3L rubber).
    The high quality of the material makes it have exceptional performance even in the most demanding conditions. The couplings are designed to accommodate high torque and compensate for any misalignment or axial displacement. It can ensure your machinery runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Enhanced Safety: The structure of the CF-A couplings are flexible rubber elements boned to the spline hubs. The safety features of the CF-A coupling are second to none. Due to the structure design, it has the ability to withstand overload conditions and protects your machines from any catastrophic failures. These safety features ensure that your staff and equipment remain safe at all times.
Centaflex-A coupling
CF-A couplings

Reduced Vibration and Noise & Wide Range of Applications

  • Reduced Vibration and Noise: With the help of the flexible rubber element, the CF-A couplings are good at absorbing shock and reducing vibration and noise in your machine. The low noise and vibration can protect your machine and create a comfortable working environment. And more, it can reduce maintenance costs.
  • Wide Range of Applications: The CF-A couplings can be used in different industries like excavators, bulldozers, air compressors, marine, and many other construction, heavy machinery.

High-quality Centaflex Coupling CF-A Models Analogue

  • Directly sold from the factory: The flexible rubber couplings are directly sold from the factory. It guarantees you a competitive price with high quality.
  • Long working lifetime: These couplings are engineered to last and require minimal maintenance. They are made from high-quality materials that assure durability and longevity, and they resist wear and tear even in the most demanding applications. By using the CF-A coupling, you can reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs, and enjoy years of reliable performance.
How can I confirm which coupling size I need?

To confirm the size of your Centaflex-A coupling, you can look at the coupling identification plate or tag. This will provide you with information about the model, size, and other specifications of the coupling.

If you cannot find the identification plate or tag, you can measure the dimensions of the coupling directly. To do this, you will need to measure the outer diameter of the coupling and the length of the coupling from end to end. You can then compare these measurements to the specifications provided by the manufacturer to determine the size of the coupling.

Additionally, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s manual or contact their customer support team for assistance in determining the correct size of the Centaflex-A coupling for your specific application.

How can I confirm the A or AS type (0S or 0O type) of the couplings?

Below the picture, you can find out how to figure out the holes type of a Centaflex-A coupling:

how to figure out the holes type of a Centaflex-A coupling
how to figure out the holes type of a Centaflex-A coupling
Do you provide the spline hubs, bolts, screws which are used with the Centaflex-A coupling as a kit?

YES. We have a lot of different sizes of spline hubs with different inner teeth. We also provide the bolts and screws that are used on the Centaflex-A couplings.

Click here to check the list of our spline hubs.

Of course, if you can’t find the one you need, we have the ability to produce it according to your sample or the drawing.

spline hub, bolts, screws
spline hub, bolts, screws
Can you produce the rubber coupling for me?

Sure, we have a factory which enables us to produce the rubber couplings according to your samples.

Are all the Centaflex-A couplings are in stock?

We keep stock of all sizes of couplings. Usually we can send out the coupling within 3 working days after payment arrives.

How to install the Centaflex-A couplings?

You need to keep balance when installing the spline hub.

Here’s a video showing how to install the hub to the Centaflex-A coupling:

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